The Centre for Community Justice and Development (CCJD) is a non-profit organisation that runs 15 advice offices in KwaZulu-Natal that provide access to justice to rural communities. The main issues we deal with are domestic violence, financial rights such as grants and pensions, child abuse and workers’ rights. Staff provide legal advice, mediations, counselling, referrals and educational workshops, and negotiate with service providers on behalf of clients so that they get the best possible outcome. We also carry out research and provide accredited legal training.

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Community Outreach Programme

Twenty paralegals provide free legal assistance to rural communities at fifteen advice offices in KwaZulu-Natal. As well as legal advice, staff offer mediation, educational and counselling services.


CCJD is a SASSETA-accredited training provider and offers the one-year Certificate in Paralegal Practice by distance learning. We also give training to our advice offices in the skills they need to become independent NPOs.

Research Programme

CCJD carries out research on the benefits and effectiveness of community advice offices, in order to persuade government to fund them. It also promotes academic work about community-based paralegals.

Development Projects

CCJD works with its advice offices to set up and manage local projects such as children’s care homes and crèches, which help to meet the needs of their communities.