The Star and Citizen newspapers reported the Sisters with Blisters Fun Walk in Johannesburg in November 2016 that CCJD was the beneficiary of and took part in:

Sisters with Blisters – The Star

Sisters with Blisters – The Citizen

Read articles by local newspapers about Plessislaer and Estcourt Advice Offices:

Natal Witness 2013

Estcourt and Midlands News 2013

Read a 2013 article from the Natal Witness about the abuse of the elderly, written by CCJD research director Karen Buckenham

The following article from The Mercury in 2001 describes the work of the advice offices in the early years of the outreach programme: Giving Victims Hope 

This Natal Witness piece from 2000 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the founding of CCJD (then CCJ) in 1990: 10th Anniversary Article