Mission and Objectives


To achieve access to justice for all.



The Centre is committed to the furtherance of access to justice and the protection of human rights through the law, directing its skills in the area of community justice and development towards the understanding and attempted solution of local community problems.



  •  To promote principles of justice and to facilitate access to legal advice and resources in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities situated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  •  To promote and facilitate sustainable economic development in affected rural communities situated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • To uphold and promote the principles, rights and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa.


Objectives for Specific Projects:


 A. Support Services for the Outreach Program

  • Administering and distributing funds for affiliated offices while they are being mentored pending their full independence.
  • Supporting affiliated community-based advice offices in developing and empowering disadvantaged communities to resolve conflicts and achieve their rights to justice and fundamental services.
  • The engagement of government institutions and agencies in order to facilitate proper service delivery and development in rural KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Working with affiliated advice offices to initiate income-generating projects to ensure less reliance on donations and sponsorships. 
  • Working with other stakeholders in the access to justice and human rights sector to solicit funds for the support of the offices.
  • Collaborating with the KwaZulu-Natal Advice Office Association for the benefit of advice offices and their paralegals.

 B. Training

 Non-Accredited Training:

  • Enhancing the capacity of community-based advice offices to educate and train members of disadvantaged communities.
  • Developing the capacity of the affiliated advice offices in financial management, governance, fundraising and administration until offices are able to manage their finances without supervision.
  • In-service training.

Accredited Training (with SAQA):

  • Soon to offer the national paralegal certificate
  • In time, the paralegal diploma

C. Research

  • Undertaking and promoting research into the work and experience of the community-based advice offices in restorative justice, paralegal indigenous knowledge and the paralegal approach to access to justice.
  • Advocating for the reform of law, policy and practice on the basis of research findings.
  • Working in collaboration with the community-based advice offices to collect and maintain data on social and legal problems encountered in disadvantaged communities.
  • Monitoring and assessing the implementation of community justice programmes by the paralegals and their community development initiatives.