Our Supporters

CCJD is grateful for the generous support of the following local and international donors: 

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For those that have donated to CCJD, we hope that we make you proud. Your investment is making a significant and measurable difference to people’s lives.

Make A Donation:

There is always a need for more and if you or your organisation are in a position to fund CCJD, we would like to hear from you.

Most clients come from impoverished communities and staff often use their own money to buy a loaf of bread for a client who hasn’t eaten in two days or hand out old clothes from friends and family. If anyone is willing to donate clothes, toys and food, please contact the CCJD Head Office by email at admin@ccjd.org.za or by calling 033 346 2909. Even the smallest donation is appreciated.

CCJD pays for its paralegals to study paralegal diplomas and offers a CCJD Paralegal Scholarship for law degrees for outreach staff.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this.