Impendle Advice Office

Tel: 033 996 0479


In 2016 the office dealt with 126 cases, with the most common being domestic violence, followed by child abuse and labour issues. It successfully resolved 20 cases through mediations and helped three women to obtain protection orders. The office obtained maintenance and grants for at least 25 people.


Abuse of Women and Children

Reports to the local police station and to the traditional courts around Impendle of domestic violence and child abuse are common. In  2016, 38% of cases at the office were of domestic violence and 19% were of child abuse. Impendle is deeply rural and many men have patriarchal attitudes towards women that condone abusive behaviour.

Women find it difficult to inherit their husband’s estates or to claim maintenance for themselves and their children. Children are neglected and physically abused by their own families and by friends and neighbours.

Access to Economic Rights: Poverty Alleviation

In 2016, one third of cases involved obtaining financial rights and the documents needed for these. A high number of clients come with claims for social grants, after trying unsuccessfully for a long time to make a claim. They also experience delays in obtaining pensions and provident funds. Some former employees are unaware that they are entitled to claim payments from provident funds, either their own or those of deceased relatives. For example, the office recently helped many men to claim from the Metal Industries Provident Fund, which many were not aware they were entitled to do.