Mpophomeni Advice Office

Tel: 033 238 0750

Map of Mphophomeni



Cabangani Mtshali. Cabangani has worked at the advice office since 2014.

Local Municipality:

uMngeni (Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal)

Municipal Population:

105 600

Municipal Area: 

1567 sq. kilometres

Areas Served:

Cabangani Portrait

Mpophomeni Paralegal Cabangani Mtshali

Mpophomeni Advice Office reaches the town of Mpophomeni and the surrounding communities of Howick, Mpophomeni, KwaHaza, Mashingeni, Dargle, Curry’s Post, as well as surrounding farms.


Mpophomeni is a town of approximately 26,000 people located 30 km north-west of Pietermaritzburg. The advice office is based at the police station. 

The population of the uMngeni Local Municipality where Mpophomeni operates is approximately 105 600. The unemployment rate is 24%, and youth unemployment is even higher at 32%. 24% of the population are under 15, 67% are aged 15-64, and 8% are 65 and over. 85% of people have formal dwellings and 86% of homes have electricity and 68% are connected to piped water, while 29% of the population have a Matric qualification. The main economic sectors are agriculture (37%), wholesale/retail (25%), business/real estate (15%) and manufacturing (10%).

In 2016 the office dealt with 225 cases, with the most common being legal advice on obtaining financial rights and documents, social problems (often involving misbehaving children and drug addiction) and child abuse. The office conducted mediations that successfully resolved 10 cases and recorded the following information about its clients:

  • Of clients of working age (not including pensioners and under 18s), 32% were working and 68% were unemployed.
  • Two thirds were aged 18-59, 17% were children and 14% were over 60.
  • 60% were female and 40% were male.