Development Projects

CCJD works with its affiliated advice offices to set up and manage projects that benefit the community. 

Bulwer Advice Office has started four projects. Paralegals Patricia Maphanga and Nokuthula Mchunu started the Siyamethemba Care Centre for abused children in 2009. The Centre provides a home for thirteen children whose parents have either abused them, or are unable to provide care owing to illness, unemployment or death. Social workers gave permission to the paralegals to look after the children, who range in age from one to seventeen and live in a house owned by Patricia. Two local businessmen help to pay for groceries for the centre. The Anglo-American Chairman’s Fund, which sponsors Bulwer Advice Office, also contributes to the centre.

Patricia and Nokuthula have set up two crèches in Bulwer which take care of thirty children. They initiated the idea, hired the staff, applied for its NPO registration, and work on its governing body.  

The office also helped to start the Pholela special school for children with disabilities. Staff had been approached by parents who were unhappy with the education their disabled children were receiving, and decided to contact the Human Rights Commission and the municipality about starting a new school for disabled children. This was done in 2009, and the school now has over 40 children and four government-paid staff, including CCJD paralegal Nokuthula Mchunu on the governing body. The children have challenges such as deafness and physical disabilities.