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Mediation Ends Domestic Violence by Ex-Boyfriend

JudithOn 27th March 2017, a 24-year-old woman came to Ixopo Advice Office to report that she was being abused by her ex-boyfriend. The day before, he had come to her home, broken down the door and assaulted her, threatening to kill her. He had also insulted her and the neighbour, who tried to help, using vulgar language. She said she wanted him out of her life: she did not want him near her or to speak to him again.

The office paralegal Mrs Caluza (right) explained how a mediation and a protection order works, and the client chose mediation. The office telephoned the boyfriend and invited him to mediation. They agreed to meet the following day.

Both parties arrived and the complainant was given a chance to tell her side of the story. The respondent admitted what he had done and apologised for his behaviour, saying that he had been drunk.

Mrs Caluza warned the man about his behaviour, telling him that if he repeated it then the complainant could apply for a protection order or lay a charge of assault and damage to property. He promised not to go to the complainant’s home again, and offered to repair the door. The complainant accepted the apology but said she did not want him to come to her house and would get someone else to fix the door. Both parties were happy with the mediation, which lasted one hour.

At the beginning of May, the office contacted the client and she said that the ex-boyfriend had kept his promise and no longer bothered her.  

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