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Bergville paralegal Thabile Madondo

Using Mediation to end Domestic Violence

On 5th August, a 59-year-old woman came to Bergville Advice Office to report physical abuse by her husband. Paralegal Thabile Madondo explained to her how …read more

Helping to Claim Provident Fund Surplus

Bergville paralegal Thabile MadondoOn 8th May, a 57-year-old man came to Bergville Advice Office with a big smile on his face to tell us that …read more

Ending Domestic Abuse

A 22-year-old woman came to the office in April 2017 to report that her boyfriend, who she has been dating for three years, regularly assaults …read more

Using Mediation to End Domestic Violence between Husband and Wife

Impendle paralegal Zodwa MaramaneA 66-year-old woman came to Impendle Advice Office in April 2017 because she was having a problem with her husband, who she …read more


Mediation Ends Domestic Violence by Ex-Boyfriend

On 27th March 2017, a 24-year-old woman came to Ixopo Advice Office to report that she was being abused by her ex-boyfriend. The day before, …read more

Sonto Nene

Using Mediation to End Domestic Violence

Madadeni Advice Office Paralegal Sonto NeneA 45-year-old woman came to Madadeni Advice Office on 21st November 2016 to complain that her husband was abusing …read more


Graduation Ceremony for CCJD Paralegals

At the end of November CCJD held a ceremony and celebration for the first graduates of its new SETA and SAQA-accredited training. CCJD offered the training …read more

Sisters with Blisters

‘Sisters with Blisters’ Fun Walks

In November CCJD took part in the ‘Sisters with Blisters’ walks in Durban and Johannesburg. The walks are organised annually by First for Women …read more


 Using a Protection Order to End Abuse

A 58-year-old unmarried woman came to the office on 23rd August. She was experiencing a problem with her nephew, who had stayed with her …read more


Helping a School Learner to Tackle Drug Addiction

A 15-year-old boy came to the office on 27th July. He said that he had started smoking drugs (dagga) the year before. He had …read more